Can’t Walk Away

Sometimes poetry
is so domineering
you feel it encircling you
squeezing in
feeling it on your chest
and in your chest
it takes your breath away
you want to gasp
but the only thing
that can give you air
help you breathe
help you stand up
help you walk tall
until you fly
is poetry
for the words
take hold of you
they hold your hand
and they hug you
they delight you
make you cry
and then comfort you
make you smile
give you glee
and as they come
from within
they are your words
but when on paper
they are not your words
they are poetry
meanings unexplained
feelings congealed
memories capsulized
they are poetry
and without yours
without mine
without anyone’s
there’d be nothing to say
its okay
to be unknown
to feel
to remember
it’s okay to be a poet
to be pushed and pulled
by words
to be sweaty
with words
to be afloat
on words
to snuggle up
and lay your head
upon words
and slumber
or be overtaken
by what is a part of you
and apart from you
to be overwhelmed
with words gained
and aggravated
with words lost
or feeling lost
when there is no loss
or gain
so you wait
and you sit
with pen in hand
as symbol of
the way poetry
had you gasping
for air
reminding you
that you are still
a poet


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