What Do You Want?

What do you say when someone asks this question? You could be witty and say, “A million dollars!” Or you could be practical and say that you want a job or a car.

A clever person might make a point of saying that what they want is wealth not riches. Then, there’s always the general consensus of peaceful lives, peace of mind, or peace and prosperity for their children.

Actually, it all sounds good. So what do you want? It’s a question that may require more than a moment’s thought. In fact, it may stir up nostalgia, provide a needed nudge, or incite a moment of clarity.

Although the person asking may not have the ability to grant your response, let your response be a thing that brings you greatest gains in the longest run.

For after so much deliberation, you might one day find yourself embarking upon a path. But not just any path. A path that could also benefit others.   Even someone curious enough to ask – “What do you want?”


Art design created with the Drawing Desk app

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