Almost Perfect

I was open
Welcoming embracing
Seeking perceiving
Yet straining
not to everything
To quality
To improving things
To forward

I was challenged
To staggering
To stumbling
To tripping
To falling
Not just over myself
But to everything
To tangible
To intangible
To loved
to liked
to disliked
To here and now

And time

and mental equilibrium

And every sense

To everything

I was met with walls of brick
Locks without keyholes
Gates of narrow rods
And mountains—no crags
I was directed to motes
When I could not swim
And to parched land without trees

I was pushed
When I was caught ahold
To search for the balance
Until I was stepping
I was Walking

I was moving

I was almost
perfect when I relied upon my own strength

And almost perfect
Because I didn’t

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