Look Up

During the course of days that pass, we’ll have reasons to look down.  Did we drop something?  Did we step on something that made us stumble?  We’ll look back.  Did we forget something?  Is someone calling us?  And of course, we’ll look forward since that’s the direction we’re heading.

How often though do we take time to look up?  Intentionally.  Not because we’re checking for rain, but just because.  There’s so much to perceive when we take the time to look up.

Perhaps irregular cloud shapes on a sunny day make us nostalgic about the fun times of childhood.  The stars display their faithfulness remaining in their proximity to each other—cloudy or not.  Then, there’s the moon’s versatility.  It changes with time and season, yet we never find it frustrating.  And the departure of an airplane whisks our minds away to places we’ve dreamed of.

Looking up gives us more incentive to be present in the moment.  It helps us remember the little things among the big things.  When we look up, we may be guided to a better mood, to a creative idea, or to an expression of gratitude.  When we look up, we may see that things are looking up.

Image caption:  My interpretation of what I saw one night when I looked up.

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