Stretching Towards the Goal

Last weekend, I saw a pink and blue evening cloud stretching from one end of the sky towards the other end.  It looked as if it would get there despite the distance ahead.  I saw a runner stretching just before allowing her sneaker soles to explore the city’s asphalt.  I saw a student stretching with a yawn after hours of plodding through online articles and cramming for an exam.  They all had something in common—stretching.

Stretching is a liaison of sorts.  It’s that space that helps us merge from point A to point B.  It’s like the final push that escorts us into the next step.  And the next step gets us closer to the goal.  It has its place.  It has its purpose.  Stretching stretches us forward to things ahead.  What are you stretching for?

image made via iphone notes app


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