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Faded Echoes of Irrelevant Pleas

I don’t miss you.
someone hopes I do
and I could guess a million
reasons why.
they don’t think I’ll ever be deserving of love and likely neither do you.
maybe they hope my closet is too full of memories, dirty laundry and baggage
and that my heart would be too damaged
to ever set myself free from your density.
I cried for oxygen on most days while you just turned away
someone thinks I miss you.
and this won’t be a refrain in this poem as if to convince myself otherwise–

I do not.

but perhaps they read my lines
and try to fill in lines of fanciful fantasy between the lines that are already crowded with reality.
you were an occurrence that just came to be
firm in your intent towards me.
your carefully careless and callous attempts which eventually
lead to apology
because it’s all that was left
in an aftermath
a desperate mess
amidst your real desire for something else.

I didn’t know the game of unworthiness
until I wasn’t good enough for you
until I was begging you
and clearly irrelevant to you.
but I realize at the end
I was far from perfect too and
I apologize for the lies
that were for the purpose of keeping myself alive…

and now as they chisel through a monument of pain to see if any unfired clay remains,
I know enough now to realize that it doesn’t even matter anymore
I’ve paid my dues beginning with the sequential days
void of I-Love-Yous with you.
my love was good to you and
good for you
I know this to be true.
and for that I feel pure
yet for that I am sure
that although I gave my all, stumbled, and did fall, no one will ever say
are you okay?

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Mind Setting

laying you to rest

like all the rest

your better wasn’t best

it was just bait

and in one moment

my mind said wait

but my heart wouldn’t accept at all

leaving what it deemed exceptional

so I struggled with your subtle clues

was it true?

was it you?

were you true?

was it you?

I dismissed the improbability

for there was beauty in possibility

shook my head at my stupidity

the law of averages made a fool of me

after undividing my attention

had me feeling every poem for you

echoing my dreams for you

cuddling my heart for you

resisting my ruin for you…

I’m saying a good night to you

laying you to rest

so my heart can rest in peace

and give peace to my mind


slowly from you

the way thunder would do

when it gradually rolls away

and I’ll be too far

for you to hear me say

the things you would love to

if you were

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No. 2025

hold my hand on cloudy days
make me laugh on sunny days
pull me tight on windy days

reassure me through the storm

walk with me on rainy days
give me hugs on snowy days
guide my steps on foggy days

make our love its tightest bond

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Broken Hearts 

I stumbled on a piece of my
broken heart on the floor.
I thought to return it,
but my chest was already sealed.
So, I placed it on the table
and wrote a love poem on it.
I folded it and blew it with a kiss
into the wind, hoping someone
would find it. Someone whose chest
was not quite mended and then they
would know they were not alone.

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No. 2024

I am a woman

your woman

created from your side

to be by your side

you are my man

not just a man

created to stand

– up

– out

– by me

take my hand

be close

let me console you

and make you soar

with a compliment


that you accepted

your complement

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No. 2018

why did you take so long

to come to my rescue?

I’ve been waiting

since before the world was new

you’ve added to my happiness

by giving myself to you

now we are one

this love is so true

in my future

sky and sea

will be

the only blue

for finally you

came to my rescue

These numbered pieces are from my True Love series.